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Jerry C. Jaffe
The world’s most highly educated stand up comedian

Husband.  Father. Teacher.  Jerry has traveled the world, teaching at different universities while directing plays on three continents.  He brings his wry and ironic sense of humour to his world-weary experience on everything from parenting to physics.  He combines observational humour about marriage with nerd comedy about Star Wars and Dungeons and Dragons.  With his PhD in comedy, Jerry raises the IQ of audiences everywhere he goes.

Jerry is the producer and host of the podcast Gold Star Classroom.  He is also a featured performer in the upcoming documentary Behind the Laughs.  He is a former writer and segment producer for the Toledo-based variety TV show Monkey Dome

Jerry has hosted at The Funny Bone (Toledo), The Funny Stop (Cuyahoga Falls), and JRs Last Laugh (Erie, PA), among others.  He recently featured at the Warren Comedy Club and closed out the “Nerd Up! Stand UP!” show in Canton, OH.  He has done showcases at Flappers (Burbank), Hilarities (Cleveland), and the Punchline (Atlanta).  In December of 2013 he had the thrill of performing on the White Thrash Xmas Show in Youngstown alongside Don Jamieson, Kevin Downey JR., and Mark Riccadonna.  He produces and hosts the Eastside Comedy show in Mentor, OH.

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